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For nearly 40 years, this is what mothers have called our dressing with the signature orange-colored circular cap known as the “Pietro Dressing”.
In 1980 in a kitchen of a small pasta restaurant located in Tenjin City of Fukuoka, Japan, a trueborn Hakata native, original chef and founder of the company, Kunihiko Murata, created this dressing. The handmade dressing created from a sweet Kyushu soy sauce and 100% domestic onions, spread popularity through word of mouth and now has become a dressing loved not only nationwide in Japan, but also overseas in countries such as the United States of America and parts of Asia.
“The food was delicious. I’m going to come again.”
“My husband and kids both enjoy eating vegetables when I use this dressing.”
The many grateful words we received from our customers have been and will continue to be “treasures” of our company that started with just 6 employees in that small restaurant all those years ago.
Our “appreciation to customers” and attitude toward the way we pursue “deliciousness and health” will never change and will continue to be what we strive to protect.
We will never forget our origin story and continue our best efforts to challenge new fields by flexibly adapting to our changing surroundings.


Yasuyuki Takahashi
Pietro Co., Ltd.

“The Magical Dressing for People Who Dislike Vegetables”
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